Quantum Labs SEAS Suite

Automated People and Asset Management through vastly improved context-aware analytics and insights.

The Key Solution Features for SEAS

High precision object location data is captured using the meshed 360 degree LiDAR units deployed around the monitored areas on each site

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the "BAIT" module are specifically designed to continuously improve security outcomes and reduce risk

SEAS complements and automates the existing PTZ cameras to ensure they are fully utilised for optimal video capture and analytics

Customised 4G / 5G, wifi and fixed data network deployments are designed for each site to provide flexible, cost effective options for cloud and "air gapped" solutions

Solar powered mobile units are available for temporary deployments at events and locations where cabled solutions are not practical

Designed and supported by industry experts and 24/7 solution monitoring partners. Easily integrated using secure APIs for complementary data and applications

Blue chip clients with high profile sites who place a significant focus on risk management and security, customer experience and cost control / optimisation

Globally available through a network of partners with global reach and 24/7 support from the Quantum Offices in Australia, the USA, UK and Asia

Why Choose SEAS?

Meshed 360 degree LiDAR provides far more accurate data and richer insights. Highly accurate 3D depth perception addresses the shortcomings and blindspots found with PTZ Cameras.  When combined with other IoT devices, SEAS makes the end to end solution far smarter and cost effective

Continuous anonymous and complete spatial data collection.  No opt-in smart phone apps required and no privacy issues for the LiDAR only solutions.  Customised modules and options available to meet the specific requirements of each site


Fully integrated with leading hardware and software applications means SEAS delivers synergies with your existing network assets and wider security / IT ecosystem.  We “sweat your existing assets” and make them far smarter.


Faster incident response times, enhanced decision integrity, better risk management and improved customer satisfaction and a reduction in false alarms.  The SEAS solution is focussed on delivering better outcomes and a solid RoI

SEAS allows personnel to focus on higher value tasks through the reduction of waste and time spent on inefficient and manual tasks.  SEAS delivers far greater productivity from personnel and helps lower staff turnover.

Fully autonomous operation of the PTZ Cameras using the “EARs” (Edge Anomaly Rules) that listen to data streams and ensure optimal PTZ utilisation for video capture and analytics


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SEAS Delivers Better Asset and Customer Experience Management, Reduced Risk and Costs through AI Enabled Enterprise and Government Solutions for Smart, Safe and Secure Sites.

Owned by QuantumIT. We’re all about delivering better business outcomes through smart solutions.

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Owned by QuantumIT. We’re all about delivering better business outcomes through smart solutions.

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