What is

meshed LiDAR ?

LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging” and uses light in the form of a pulsed class 1 laser to measure the range, distance, direction and speed of objects in the monitored area. The data streams from multiple LiDAR sensors deployed as a mesh generate precise three-dimensional information about the shape of moving objects and their surface characteristics from multiple angles.

The LiDAR sensors used by QuantumLABS are developed by Quanergy Systems Inc and have passed all the applicable USA FDA safety assessments and are considered “eye-safe”.

Growth of LiDAR technology

Advancements in the size, weight, cost and power consumption of LiDAR over the years has seen the technology penetrate different markets and verticals.  LiDAR started in aerospace and defence and is now being used in security, 3D mapping and topographical surveys, automotive, mining, oil, gas and industrial automation.

The increasing use of drones across various applications including security, aerospace and defence, agriculture and forestry, and natural resources management is expected to further propel the growth and use cases for LiDAR.

The inclusion of LiDAR in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro from 2020 will significantly increase the awareness around LiDAR and see an increase in the number of use cases and applications across multiple industry verticals.

When meshed LiDAR is used to complement existing CCTV and Security Solutions it can easily address a number of fundamental shortcomings in video analytics and as such, this makes it ideal for deployment on high security sites.

The QuantumLABS in-house developed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications leverage all of the captured data, including that provided by Access Control applications, and ensures the risk profile of the site improves and rate of false alarms falls.

In the coming years QuantumLABS expect to see the use of robotics, meshed LiDAR and autonomous PTZ Camera operation together with 3D Facial Recognition and a range of other video analytics become the foundation of leading edge security solutions for high security facilities.

LiDAR Complements PTZ and Video Analytics




Sensing Dimensions





3D Shape

Height & Width

Field of View


Range Rate

Object Recognition at Long Range

Rain, Snow, Dust


Night Time

Value of the LiDAR technology Industry

Frost & Sullivan completed an industry report on LiDAR technology relevant for QuantumLABS and confirmed a wide range of use cases and benefits including fully autonomous PTZ to significantly improve video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, electronic surveillance, and operational productivity improvement solutions across high security and high profile sites.

Based on the current expenditure on the aforementioned service / system markets, it’s understood the solutions that QuantumLABS delivers are expected to grow by over 20% from 2020 to 2023.

Application of LiDAR technology

The applications of LiDAR technology are many and varied. The QuantumLABS SEAS meshed LiDAR platform is highly scalable and has already delivered benefits across a range of applications including, high security sites, major events venues, airports and globally iconic buildings as part of an integrated security and customer experience strategy. The QuantumLABS technology platform continues to evolve and now provides cloud based, hybrid and on-premise options for both fixed and solar powered wireless mobile deployments.

SEAS Delivers Better Asset and Customer Experience Management, Reduced Risk and Costs through AI Enabled Enterprise and Government Solutions for Smart, Safe and Secure Sites.

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