SEAS (Streaming Edge Analytics and Security)
delivers better Asset Management, Reduces Risks and Cost

Flexible Solution

Highly scalable for multiple sites with on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based options. Solar powered mobile trailers can also provide greater flexibility across a range of use cases and requirements.

Modular Design

The modular SEAS software platform incorporates globally proven technologies and applications to ensure high reliability. Edge software modules can operate on Virtual Machines (VMs) or dedicated on-site hardware.

Premium Clients

Deployed on globally recognised sites for high profile customers who seek better security, safety and visitor outcomes with reduced cost and risk. We respect their trust and need for discretion and results.

Highly Scalable

Our highly focussed team delivers results as part of a wider security upgrade / digital transformation, or as a discrete solution for specific customers in Australia, the UK, USA and Asia.

Complementary Technology

The modular SEAS design reuses existing Onvif S+G PTZ Security Cameras with a range of Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control, Facial Recognition and Video Analytics Solutions.

Global Support

Quantum has offices in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia with 30 years experience across multiple markets and solution verticals.

Welcome to a new Paradigm...

QuantumLABS uses data from meshed LiDAR and other applications to deliver a range of context-aware analytics to reduce risk and improve the management of assets, people and the customer experience. The SEAS (Streaming Edge Analytics and Security) Platform leverages the power of our proprietary in-house developed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence modules to deliver continuous improvements for our clients.

Management Team

Mark OReilly

Head of Innovation

  • Founder of QuantumLABS
  • Various Change Management Roles
  • 12 years experience at QuantumLABS with significant prior experience in large scale design and operation of High Security Facilities and delivering Security Related Solutions for Govt and Large Enterprise

Guthrie White


  • Self-funded entrepreneur responsible for creation of 6 separate technology businesses with operations in 10 countries
  • CEO and founder of Quantum Global Holdings a successful Australian based IT business with offices in USA, UK and Asia.
  • Founder of QuantumLABS
  • Experienced Director & Chairman

Simon Stone


  • 28 years experience in IT & Telecommunications
  • Highly versatile & skilled technical specialist
  • Strength in the design & development of complex solutions
  • Prior experience at Superpartners, Tenix Solutions, Alcatel & Toll

Martin Kemka

Head of Analytics and Research

  • 12 years with Applied AI, Machine and Deep Learning across multiple uses
  • Real-time Risk assessments for large multinational enterprises
  • University Lecturer in Responsible AI and ML Use and Data Sciences

SEAS Delivers Better Asset and Customer Experience Management, Reduced Risk and Costs through AI Enabled Enterprise and Government Solutions for Smart, Safe and Secure Sites.

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